Orgoglio Italiano.

Italian Pride. We've always loved beauty; most of all, we've always loved the beauty of Italian design. It's in our DNA, we grew up in a Country that has boasted some of the best designers and most famous artists in the world. We've always been driven by the desire to create kitchens capable of bringing emotion in everyday's life, kitchens designed for those who love cooking.

How could we keep up a tradition of creativity and artisanship, offering quality products while meeting the economical necessities of many? How to keep up a tradition of design without making it accessible only for a chosen few? Our philosophy is our answer.

The kitchen environment opens up to new dimensions of interior design. It's cozy, it's multifunctional, it's linked to the rest of the home thanks to non-conventional modules and to strong finishes. The open bookcase system, in burnished iron, gives a vintage flavor to the room; the supermatt silken surfaces overcome the boundaries of the visual experience, rediscovering a true tactile pleasure.

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