Audacity and high standards. These are 2 strong values that we offer you every day through our products and services, whether you’re in Paris, Toronto, London or Algiers.

Audacity, to enhance your day to day life with a more beautiful, more original interior. High standards, to create designs that will suit any space.

Functional solutions to make your life easier and products that are safe, respectful to the environment and built to last.

Our inspiration? The world around us, changing lifestyles, innovations... and you! We pay close attention to your feedback on social networks and at our stores. The #GautierTeam is always on hand, striving to find ways to improve customer satisfaction.

Page after page, enjoy browsing through the collections and designs we’ve dreamed up for you. We hope they’ll inspire you to come see us in store where our advisers will help you with simple, respectful service.

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