Fiordo is a laboratory of ideas in constant movement, working to meet the needs of living today. Products you can count on, porcelain tile collections that are essential and reliable. A range of surfaces available to all and that follow the evolution of contemporary taste.

The great versatility of Fiordo collections provides great value for all residential and commercial spaces. Clean, modern looks, a range of formats, surfaces, colors and finishes to choose from, distinguished by technical and aesthetic quality guaranteed by Panariagroup.

In 20 years of history, Fiordo has renewed its style, developing in line with the important evolutions of the company. A history that includes image restyling, the adoption of increasingly modern communication and display tools to dialogue effectively with the market.

Quality Made in Italy, technological innovation, research, development and attention to the product are the winning factors behind the success that has always been associated with Fiordo. It is a success that is confirmed every day by affiliates and experts, whose objective is to attain elevated quality standards.

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