The collections of 10mm thick cladding and flooring tiles designed by Blustyle are based on a careful study of the tones and materials best suited to enhancing various areas of the home. With solutions that exalt the most admired aesthetic characteristics of ceramic, these elegant wood, stone, and marble finishes aim to make each space unique through the use of products that have been manufactured according to environmentally friendly methods.

The Barrique series of porcelain stoneware flooring represents the authentic expression of wood: oak, walnut, pine, and larch, a selection of valuable woods. The magical atmosphere created by the Barrique line is a journey through the culture of wine, from the charm of its processing and transformation, to the intense aromas of its vineyards..

The Bourgogne series offers porcelain stoneware flooring inspired by the most characteristic French stones; it is unique for the originality of its colours and the elegance of its surfaces. In its ceramic version, this stone features refined highlights capable of magnificently and uniquely illuminating indoor spaces, emanating the fullness of summer colours with a touch of natural warmth.

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